Quality Controlled

Quality Controlled

Quality Management System

The International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 9001:2008 series describes standards for a QMS addressing the principles and processes surrounding the design, development and delivery of a general product or service.

Colt’s in-house Quality Management System (QMS) is compliant to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and is the foundation for all the processes that are carried out on a daily basis.

Whether it is critical field job procedures, critical material receiving, maintaining welding logs, maintaining sealant batch numbers, or maintaining the approved suppliers list, the QMS process ensures and monitors the daily functions it takes to run a successful, yet responsible, leak repair business. The QMS is the backbone to everything we do at Colt and just we like we do with safety, we take an extremely proactive approach to it. We invite audits of the entire program and not just the in-house fabrication and machining facilities.

We do not believe that leak repair companies can operate within the ISO standard without maintaining in-house engineering, in-house fabrication, and in-house machining capabilities. This is due to what the ISO 9001:2008 standard entails and the process that must take place to maintain a compliant program.

To set up a review of our Quality Management System (QMS) system please contact our quality manager anytime via email at ttorrance@coltgrp.com or via phone at 800-324-2658.