Safety First

Safety First

Stellar Annual Safety Record

After servicing the heavy industrial arena for over four decades, when it comes to safety we have learned the truth is in the numbers. These numbers are a direct reflection of management’s commitment to safety. So, as we share these ratings, we encourage you to compare these numbers with those of other nationally recognized competitors in our unique field.

  1. 2016 Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0.00
  2. 2015 Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0.00
  3. 2014 Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0.00
  4. 2013 Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0.00
  5. 2012 Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0.00
  6. 2011 Total Recordable Incident Rate = 0.00

Colt’s in-house safety & health department employs the mind set that every accident or injury is preventable and education is the key to a successful safety management program. We take a very proactive approach encouraging audits, not only in the field, but in our offices located across the country. We are proud of our past accomplishments, but also realize that every day brings new and unique challenges that must be overcome by Colt employees nationwide.

We also enjoy to receive any and all industry related news or reports that we can use to further educate our employees on. Some great examples of this are near-miss reports that we obtain from our customers and share with our field service personnel.

Every Colt employee has the right to STOP any job, anytime, if he/she does not feel comfortable or if there are concerns about safety.

We are proud members of many safety compliance organizations, councils, and alliances across the country and strive to maintain the best rating possible, not just a passing grade. The Colt management receives daily updates from our Safety department and also measures the safety & health program with a variety of metrics in our management meetings. The minutes are recorded from these meetings and are always available for auditing purposes.


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